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December 25, 1995 - July 16, 2002


 Duker became sick six days
after the ProHeart 6 shot with
severe diarrhea. Our vet put him on
prescription dog food and told me
that "it must have been something he ate".
I asked my vet twice before he
administered the ProHeart 6 shot
what the side effects were.
The only answer he gave me both times I
asked was "sometimes there is a little swelling
at the injection site"--that's it.
Over weeks he would just lay around,
not eat, continued stomach problems
and would not walk with me
(as we use to walk every morning).



Duker developed IMHA and died 11 days after diagnosis. The first
Dear Doctor letter came out 6 days after Duker died.

No amount of money
Fort Dodge offered me would have been enough; my thoughts were
to warn others before their dogs had to suffer and die. I was not
willing to take anything to stop me from spreading the word, to watch out
on ProHeart 6.

My email is
Thanks for continuing to spread the word!

In Loving Memory of our baby boy," Chief Williams!"

May 9, 1993 - May 28, 2002

We miss your slobbery smoochies

This was taken on a beautiful spring day, when he was a healthy baby and smiling.
May our boy rest in peace, and don't worry baby,
even though ours was tragic and
you're now in a safe place,
we will fight to keep others safe
from becoming a victim to that awful product.


After "Chief" receiving his injection on May 23, 2002 ...

We found him on the 28th at 8:30 a.m., in his dogloo. Sleeping like he always did, like an angel.

  We want this posted so others who aren't aware of Proheart 6 and their side effects may see actual pictures and read the stories. Mommy and Daddy love you and miss you and you are always in our hearts."    With everlasting love, Mommy and Daddy.


January 1997- May 1, 2003

2003 In Memory of 'Precious"

2004 In Memory of

Oh,my beautiful "Precious" Princess... I am truly lost without you. I miss you so much my darling. My life has not been the same without you in it. I am so glad that you can see me, and that you can feel me. I am here babydoll and I love you, and I cant wait to see you. You made my life so wonderful and happy. Thank you for letting me be your Mommy, and letting me into your beautiful heart and soul.  Your death I STRONGLY believe to be caused by the Proheart 6 Injection and as long as I am here on earth, I WILL pass the word! Dont use it! Refuse it.  I love you my darling "Precious" .....Mommy


February 6, 1995 - June 15, 2003

She was a very smart, beautiful German Shepherd and it is still difficult to accept her loss. I'm sorry to say that our Banfield Vet does not seem to see a connection to her death and ProHeart 6

.On 6-12-03 Addie went to the vet at Banfield Clinic for her yearly physical (including bloodwork). She was given a clean bill of health and received her yearly vaccinations along with a ProHeart 6 injection after being told how great it was. Her last one was given in June of 2002. Everything seemed fine until the morning of 6-15-03. Addie asked to go out. My son Brian went out with her and within a short time, he noticed her lay down and her breathing was labored. She died in a matter of minutes and there was nothing he could have done for her. We all asked how could this be? She was very healthy according to the Banfield vet! We arranged for a necropsy hoping to get some answers. Cause of death is listed as hemorrhage into abdomen and blood between the heart and sac surrounding the heart-due to unknown causes.

Fort. Dodge and the Banfield vet tell me this would not be a result of the ProHeart 6. I don't agree.

I filed a complaint with Banfield Corporate office in October '03. I have never received a response from them.
I talk to everyone that will listen about what happened to Addie and ask them not to use this injection. I have referred many to your website and hope they make the right choice and also spread the word. Thanks for all the hard work and time you devote to this cause.
Audry Laskey